What is pool water purification?

A healthier alternative to chemicals

When we think about keeping swimming pools clean, most of us will instantly think of chlorine. It’s a strong chemical that is used to kill bacteria and germs that end up in the pool water. But did you know that chlorine creates harmful by-products called chloramines? This occurs when chlorine comes into contact with organic compounds created by the body. Over-exposure to chlorine over extended periods can result in damaging respiratory health issues. This also includes inflammation of the skin, hair damage etc. Thankfully, there is a new way to keep pools clean. Our pool water purification systems are able to eliminate bacteria and germs from your pool water without the use of harmful chemicals. Keep reading below to discover more about pool water purification, and how it could benefit your pool.


What is a pool water purification system?

Pool water purification is essentially a process that can convert a chlorinated backyard pool into freshwater. This is either achieved through the use of a purification machine and minerals. These systems work to destroy harmful bacteria present in the water. Installing a purification system is a great option for those who live with skin or respiratory conditions. It allows people to enjoy the water without the need for harsh chemicals. If you have pool heating in Sydney, your pool will be exposed to warmer temperatures, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. A pool water purification system is able to clean your water efficiently and effectively, leaving you with clean, fresh water to enjoy. At Eclipse Pool Heating, we sell and install two different types of water purification systems in Sydney.

Theralux Quantam AOP

Did you know that bathers can bring up to 100 million bacteria into the water when they swim? The Theralux Quantam AOP water purification system was designed to effectively destroy these bacteria. This reduces the need for chlorine and other sanitisers. The technology that was created for the purification system has been labelled “Nature’s Silver Bullet” by scientists. This is due to its ability to neutralise bacteria, viruses and pathogens that chlorine simply cannot. Similar technology has been used for decades by water purification companies and in medical practices. Now, the Theralux Quantam AOP is able to utilise this technology to bring crystal clear, fresh water to your swimming pool. The system provides complete purification without the need for chlorine. It helps to reduce sore eyes and skin. It can even help to reduce your pool running costs and is also great for the environment. 

The benefits of the Theralux Quantam AOP

  • Destroys bacteria, viruses and pathogens present in the water
  • Creates pure, fresh water that is clean enough to drink
  • Less chemicals are required to keep your water clean
  • Highly energy efficient, consuming no more power than an everyday light bulb
  • Odourless
  • Gentle on sensitive eyes and skin
  • Does not discolour your hair as chlorine commonly does
  • Easy installation process, quick to set up
  • Corrosion resistant regardless of salt or chemical concentrations in the water

Mineral Swim by Maytronics

Mineral Swim™ creates the ultimate therapeutic swimming experience. By combining natural minerals from the Dead Sea in Israel with water purification, it brings you an unmatched swimming experience. The salt from the Dead Sea contains just 30.5% sodium chloride, in comparison to the average sea salt which contains 85% sodium chloride. In its place, Dead Sea salt contains magnesium, sodium, potassium and other natural minerals. Utilising real salts and minerals from the Dead Sea, this system is able to kill off harmful bacteria, skin cells, viruses, oils, chloramines, and any other contaminants that may be present in your water. The ozone is then converted back into oxygen, safely sanitising your pool in the way that nature intended. Mineral Swim™ brings unparalleled health benefits to any backyard pool. It can help to keep your pool incredibly clean, whilst providing the benefits of Dead Sea minerals to your skin and body.


The benefits of Mineral Swim

  • Hydrates and detoxifies the skin
  • Relives and soothes muscle tension
  • Less chemicals are required to keep your water clean
  • Odourless
  • Gentle on sensitive skin and eyes
  • Recommended for those who suffer with asthma, eczema, and other health conditions
  • Compatible with all pools and equipment
  • 3000 times stronger than traditional purification systems

Naked System

The naked pool system is another pool purifying system that utilises copper and silver to process and sanitise your pool water. Unlike typical pool chemicals such as chlorine and other minerals, the Naked System allows you to swim without irritation in crystal clear water. The Naked System allows you to enjoy a fresh water swimming experience which is much less harsh on your skin, eyes and overall health. This purification system can also save you a great deal of money that would usually be spent on expensive chemicals. Why waste money on chemicals when you can swim in a perfectly clear pool without them? Your pool will stay fresh and clean throughout the years, with reduced costs and time spent on maintaining the quality of your water.

The benefits of a Naked System

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Gentle on skin and eyes
  • Utilises metals to sanitise water
  • Fresh water swimming experience
  • Easy to maintain clear, clean water

Water purification and pool heating in Sydney

If you’re looking at the best way to keep your pool clean without spending a fortune on harsh chemicals, a pool water purification system could be the perfect solution for you. Not only could you eliminate the need for expensive chemicals, but you can also enjoy the health benefits for you and your family. Experience a mineral or fresh water swimming experience in your own pool today. For any inquires in regards to pool water purification in Sydney, or if you’re looking for gas or electric pool heaters in Sydney, contact the pool water specialists at Eclipse Pool Heating.

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