Case study: Ainslie pool heat pump installation

Case study: Pool heat pump installation in Ainslie

As Australia begins to warm up heading into summer, many homeowners will have brand new or refurbished pools that they’re eager to use. What many people may not consider as they head into summer is their pools heating. The weather is warm in summer and a cold pool can be great for cooling off. However, it can sometimes become uncomfortable if you’re planning on some night swimming, or you’re looking to extend your swimming season beyond the summer months. This is exactly what our recent client Kate wanted to achieve, and she contacted the Eclipse Pool Heating team to do so. Kate was located in Ainslie, a suburb nestled between Hackett and Canberra in the ACT. Before we knew it, we were installing a brand-new heat pump in Ainslie to provide Kate with the most cost-efficient heating available on the market. Today’s case study will explore the various equipment chosen for this particular installation, and discuss why and how they were selected.


Technology improves efficiency

When Kate first came to us, she was looking for the most cost-effective method of heating her pool. This meant that we were steering clear of gas heaters, and focussing our attention on the various high-efficiency heat pumps that we supply and install. After discussing some of the different options that are available, we finally decided on a Madimack electric pool heater. This was a Madimack Elite V3 14kw heater, designed to deliver better airflow, higher efficiency, quieter operation and increased performance. The unit also delivers market leading installation requirements of 100mm from the back and 300mm from the side. This provides a great space saving option for those with limited space in their backyards. As professional pool heating installers in Canberra, this is a Madimack model that we have seen increasing in popularity due to its great specifications and reviews.

E-flow pump for a direct flow

Another way that we were looking to reduce costs for Kate was by using a Madimack E-flow 300 variable speed pump. This pump wires directly into the heater to control the flow to the heater without the use of traditional 3-way valves. It instead utilises independent heating lines which allow for maximum efficiency, sending your water straight to the heater. The E-flow pump is designed with advanced inverter technology for intuitive ongoing energy savings, which also makes it quiet and cost-efficient. The DC brushless motor ensures that the pump makes much less noise than an older, traditional heat pump, as well as improving its durability. The noise is also dramatically reduced by a volute hydraulic structure, making it turbulence free, and producing less noise when compared to a traditional diffuser type. The E-flow pump also includes built-in Adaptive Flow capacity, Sound Shield Technology and premium hardware, making the unit incredibly useful for energy savings across your entire pool system.

Quick solutions for Canberra pool heating

Fast, efficient installations are a top priority for us at Eclipse Pool Heating. We want our clients to be able to use and enjoy their new equipment as soon as they possibly can. When the installation process drags on over multiple days, the job can feel like it’s never going to end. That’s why we ensured that Kate would receive her installation as soon as we possibly could. The installation for both the pool heater and pump took just one day, with the entire system being ready for use by that same evening. If you’re searching for a pool heating installer in Canberra that can provide a fast, easy solution for your pool heating, Eclipse Pool Heating have got you covered.


Your pool heating installer in Canberra

At Eclipse Pool Heating, we supply and install electric pool heaters in Canberra, including the surrounding suburbs such as Ainslie, Hackett, Braddon and Downer. If you’re like Kate and looking to extend your swimming season beyond the summer months, we can provide you with a tailored solution. If you’d like to read more information on pool heating, you can visit our blogs page here. You can also check out another one of our case studies here. Whether you want your heating to be cost-effective or on-demand, for a large pool or a small pool, we have options to suit you. Contact the Canberra pool heating experts, and extend your swimming season today!


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