Naked pools fresh water system

The naked pools freshwater system is a water purifying system that utilises copper and silver to process and sanitise your pool water.

A true fresh water experience

Unlike typical pool chemicals such as chlorine and other minerals, the Naked System allows you to swim without any chemical irritation in clear, fresh water. The Naked System provides a fresh water swimming experience which is much less harsh on your skin, eyes and overall health than common purification chemicals.

Eliminate the need for chemicals

This purification system can also save you a significant amount of money that would usually be spent on expensive chemicals. Don’t spend money on chemicals when you can swim in a crystal-clear pool utilising the power of a Naked system. Keep your pool water clean and chemical-free, with reduced costs and time spent on maintaining your water quality.

The process

This innovative system works to safely purify your pool water without chlorine, salt or other expensive minerals. The Naked System uses silver and copper to ionise the pool water, keeping it free of any bacteria, algae, and any other contaminants that may be present. It keeps your pool clean, purifying it in the process. Simply program the Naked Pools System in line with your pool, and the system will automatically sanitise your pool water when it’s required.

The benefits of a Naked System

Swim as nature intended

If you want to convert your pool from a chemical system to a more environmentally friendly option that is healthier for you and your family, the Naked freshwater pool system is the perfect solution. These freshwater systems can be used to easily upgrade your chlorine, salt, mineral or other pool to a crystal-clear freshwater pool. The way nature intended.

Cost effective

A Naked System is a highly cost-effective option. Whilst purifying your water, it reduces the need to spend money on expensive chemicals, sanitisers and other minerals that you would traditionally use in your pool. With the latest digital technology and flexible timer control, the Naked System is customised to your pool to dramatically reduce your operating costs. The unit works effortlessly with variable speed pumps to provide sufficient circulation, requiring half the running time of a traditional sanitiser.

Australian owned

Naked Systems are 100% Australian owned with over 40 years of combined experience in pool innovation. Backed by a 3-year quality assured warranty, you can be sure that your pool is in good hands. If you’re interested in installing a Naked System for your pool, you can visit our contact page here.

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