Case study: Harrington Park pool heat pump installation

Case study: Harrington Park pool heat pump installation

Every week Eclipse Pool Heating attends numerous jobs, installing efficient and effective pool heating solutions for our satisfied clients. This week was no different, as we made our way to a job we had recently received. The team headed over to advise on a pool heat pump in Harrington Park, Sydney where they met with our client Andrew.


A highly efficient heat pump

Andrew came to us seeking the most effective way to consistently heat his pool. He was searching for something energy efficient, but nevertheless he wanted to be able to increase the water temperature within in a reasonable amount of time. As professional pool heating installers in Sydney, this is a common request that we receive. This is the type of heating that  most pool owners are looking for. After discussing his requirements and expectations, we decided that our most suitable option was to install a heat pump. After some discussion, we selected the Madimack ECO 20KW heat pump, as this was most suited to achieve Andrew’s requirements. Perfect for those who are energy conscious, the ECO range is designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind. The heat pumps can even be programmed to low-energy and night mode, which can increase their efficiency by up to 20%. Fitted with state-of-the-art anti-corrosion ABS casing, the heat pumps are extremely durable and well suited to withstand harsh weather conditions. The ECO range also features Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control your pool heating temperatures and timers from your smart device wherever you are. Once we had selected and received the Madimack ECO 20KW heat pump, we began the installation process.



Due to the orientation of Andrew’s house and block, we did face a challenge when it came to installing the pool heat pump unit. Due to the minimal space on the perimeter of the property, we wouldn’t be able to install the unit there safely. To overcome this, we simply installed the heat pump on top of the client’s pool shed with the use of Unistrut supports. The job took us just one day, and the heat pump was ready for use the same night.

A “breathable” pool blanket

To complete the job, we also installed a pool blanket. Installing a pool cover ensures that evaporation is minimised. Ir creates a barrier between the pool and the outside air. Pool blankets are known to prevent up to 97% of evaporation. This leaves the water temperature much warmer and ensures that the heat pump is not overworked. Andrew decided that he would install an Aquavent Sunline breathable pool blanket. This pool blanket is the world’s first breathable pool cover. It allows air to pass through from underneath the cover and out through the top. Not only does it retain the heat extremely well, but it allows the pool to breathe. This ensures that pool chemicals and sanitisers do not build up underneath. Breathable covers create a healthier swimming experience and will also prevent damage to your pool blanket over extended periods.

A testimonial from our client

“James and his team did an exceptional job of installing my new heat pump and pool cover. The products they offer are high quality and their customer service was phenomenal. He took the time to sit down with me and work out what I was looking for in terms of pool heating. The installation was complete within one day and my pool was ready to use in the evening. Would highly recommend Eclipse Pool Heating to anyone looking for an electric pool heater in Sydney” – Andrew Smithwich. 

Dedicated to our clients needs

At Eclipse Pool Heating, we take pride in our ability to adapt to the needs and the situation of our clients. In this particular case, we were faced with the challenge of minimal space. Thankfully, we were able to accommodate with a roof fixing instead. We’re also extremely dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients. We work with them to ensure that the end result is exactly what they were hoping to achieve. Whether you’re looking for the most affordable pool heating options, an energy friendly system or simply just a pool blanket, we’ll always go above and beyond to assist and advise our clients. Whatever your situation, we’re equipped to get your pool swim-ready for the colder months. If you want more information on pool heating, you can read some of our blog posts packed with useful resources by clicking here. If you’re interested in a free consultation to discuss pool heating in Harrington Park or wider Sydney, you can contact us here.

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