Benefits of Pool Heating

What Are the Benefits of Pool Heating & How Will It Improve Your Life?

You’ve just spent a small fortune on installing a brand-new swimming pool, and it was worth it. It looks great, the kids are going to love it, and finally, you can say you’re a pool household, no more public baths for you. Although there are beautiful beaches and pools around, sometimes they can be too cold for a dip. There most certainly is a place for pool heating in Sydney. Throughout this blog, we’re going to explore some of the many benefits of a pool heating installation.

Misconceptions about pool heating

Before I reveal some of the benefits of having a heated pool, I want to address some misconceptions about having a heated pool. 

When some people hear heated pool, they think spa, but this isn’t the case. The idea behind a pool heating system isn’t to make it feel like a hot bath. It’s just to take the chill off the water so that it’s still cold enough to cool you down, but just warm enough so that it doesn’t shock your body to get in.

Pool heating systems are no longer bad for the environment, nor are they noisy and intrusive. When sized correctly, a pool heater or heat pump can work for you, not against you. 

OK, let’s talk benefits of pool heating!

A longer swimming season

The obvious benefit of a pool heating system is year-long swimming. Since you’ve gone through all this trouble to build a pool, you might as well be able to enjoy it for more than three months a year, right?

Pool heaters are not all created equal, however. Some only remove the chill from the water during summer, whereas others keep it at a set temperature year-round. Some examples include:

Pool Blankets and Rollers: These are traditional pool covers. They can work in isolation or in combination with other heating systems. They provide a barrier between the environment and your pool. Accordingly, they trap heat in the water and keep debris like leaves and bugs out of the water. They also reduce evaporation, saving you money on water and chemical usage.

Inverter Pool Heat Pumps: They are a type of electric pool heating that optimise the technology fridges use to keep cool, but it’s reversed. They are super-efficient able to work at around 300-700% efficiency. What’s more, they can work effectively at temperatures as low as 7°C, therefore, are an excellent year-long option for Sydney residents.

Pool Gas Heaters: These work the same as a gas hot water system except isn’t overly efficient, relative to other options on the market. The upside is they can heat your pool very quickly, and there are no extraneous factors that might slow them down. The best pool gas heaters in Australia will work just as well if it’s snowing outside as if it’s a balmy summers day.  

Better Care for Your Pool

While a pool heater doesn’t directly improve the health or cleaning of your pool, you will notice a difference. How often does the lawn get forgotten about over winter simply because you aren’t spending much time out there? 

The same principle applies to your pool. If you can’t use it over winter, the chances are that you’ll forget about it and wonder out to an algal infested mess when spring rolls around.

If you’re out there swimming year-round thanks to a pool heating installation, you’re more likely to take care of it. Staying on top of the chemical treatments and other maintenance principles is less arduous when you’re reaping the benefits.

Your Pool, Your Temperature

Everybody has their individual preferences, and of course, this extends to swimming temperatures. You don’t want to be at the whim of the elements. Your pool, unlike the ocean, is a relatively small body of water, so without a heater, it will fluctuate massively, even throughout summer. 

Furthermore, some demographics require warmer pool temperatures, for example, young children and the elderly. Without heating, the pool is almost useless for them.

Excluding that, no one wants to step into an ice-cold pool. It’s not as though it will warm up at the same rate as the air temperature either. It’s unlikely that it will reach an appropriate temperature until you’re deep into summer. Those warm days in spring and the start of summer become lost to a freezing pool. Take control, choose your path, choose pool heating.

A Heated Pool is an Entertainers Delight

A pool is a big drawcard for a family… But don’t think it’s just the juniors who can enjoy the fruits of pool heating. Sydney residents love to entertain, having their mates over for a barbeque, hosting a lavish dinner party, or even running the family Christmas.

Given the correct context, most events improve with pool access. There is always someone who sees the pool and asks, “could I have a swim?” Although, without a heating system, your guests could be in for a frigid surprise, even in summer.

If you love entertaining, you have to make sure your pool doesn’t feel like an ice bath every time someone gets in it. It’s essential to the comfort of not only yourself but that of your guests too.

Night Swims

Nothing says summer like going for a twilight dip or lying back floating in your pool gazing into the stars. That’s summer nights. Without any heating, it won’t be so much gazing, more like glancing, as you rush back inside to the warmth. Adding some heating to your pool can improve your lifestyle by enjoying your pool for longer each day.

Assessing pool heating options in Australia have never been this easy. It doesn’t matter what stage of the build you are at; Eclipse Pool Heating is here to help. Whether you’re only just beginning to think about getting a pool, or you’re ready to install, our pool heating specialists can advise you on the next step. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0481 162 519 today!

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