Do I need pool heating installed professionally? The benefits explained

Do I need pool heating installed professionally? The benefits explained

A swimming pool is a great attribute to any family household. It provides hours of fun, relaxation and entertainment for all ages. However, many people will only use their pool during the summer months, leaving it neglected over the winter period when the water is too cold. Pool gas heaters are the solution to this problem. They enable you to enjoy your swimming pool all year round, even when the weather is cold. The question is, do you need your pool heating installed professionally?

In the following article, we will explore the considerations for installing pool heaters, and the benefits of getting a professional to install them for you. If you’re looking for a professional pool heater installation in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place.

Pool heating explained

It’s widely known amongst swimming pool users that the optimal temperature for a pool is around 26 – 28 degrees Celsius. This obviously depends on the outside temperature, so it may vary. However, it’s extremely hard for a swimming pool to reach this temperature naturally. Your pool may absorb heat from the sun during warm periods of weather, but the heat will dissipate quickly as the sun falls leaving your pool cold again. This is where pool heating solutions come into the equation.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to pool heaters. In order to find out which heater will work best for your pool, it’s best to speak to the professionals as there are many variables that can alter their effectiveness. Different pool shapes and sizes require different heater types, so it’s important to ensure that you choose the right one. Some pool heaters can be complicated to install, involving some wiring, plumbing and engineering. A professional will be able to install your heater safely and securely, not only saving you the hassle but ensuring your safety too.

Location of the heater

Another consideration when installing a pool heater is where the unit will be positioned. Pool heaters generally require at least 500 mm of clearance from the unit in all directions. This allows the unit to breathe and work safely and effectively. If there is a lack of ventilation surrounding the unit, the parts can overheat, and the heater can become damaged. If there is a particular spot you want the heater to be installed, check the dimensions of the unit online and measure the install location to ensure that the unit will fit.

Make sure that the surface on which you plan to place the heater is level. Surfaces such as concrete or wood are a great choice, as the ground is hard and even. Placing the unit onto dirt or sand would cause the unit to become unbalanced as the ground moves and changes. A licensed technician can provide assistance with these considerations. If you require a pool heater installation in Sydney, contact our team of experts here.  

Important things to remember

After a suitable location has been chosen for the install, there are still some important considerations surrounding the setup of the unit. Make sure to install a bypass valve in between your heater and filter so that the filtration system can continue to operate if the heater is turned off. This is also helpful if the heater needs to be serviced/repaired. Pool heaters are also designed to be connected with strong PVC pipes, so DO NOT use soft pipes when installing the water inlets or outlets. The pipes experience strong pressure and water movement, so the pipes must be able to withstand this. If you do opt for a professional pool heater installation in Sydney, the experts know exactly which valves and pipes to install.

Incorrect installation

Installing the pool heater incorrectly may result in a void of the heaters warranty. When assessing a broken heater for a warranty check, a technician will assess the installation. They will determine whether the unit has adequate space and ventilation, correct plumbing, gas lines, and any signs of damage that may be present. If you have made any mistakes installing the heater, a technician will be able to identify them easily. After the issues are identified, the heater will no longer be valid under warranty.


The quality of the heater installation will determine how efficiently your unit performs. The heater relies on the intake, combustion, ignition and exhaust in order to produce heat. If one of the components is installed incorrectly, this could cause the unit to work inefficiently. For example, if the intake is not drawing enough air into the unit, the other functions are affected by the lack of air and the overall efficiency decreases. Leaves, spiderwebs and other debris can also build up inside the housing of pool heaters. It’s important to check the housing regularly and clean out anything that shouldn’t be there. They can reduce ventilation, decease efficiency and may even be a fire hazard if left for too long.

If you do decide to get your pool gas heater installed professionally, our friendly team of experts at Eclipse pool heating are more than happy to provide their assistance. We will help you to choose the most effective pool heating system for your pool. We will also take care of the entire installation process. For the best service and pool heater installation in Sydney, our team has you covered. You can view our range of gas heaters here.  You can also contact our team here to schedule an appointment or discuss some options to suit you. Get your pool warm and ready for swimming all year round, with Eclipse pool heating.

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