Why do I need a pool blanket?

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Whether you have just started to think about purchasing a new pool or your pool is running and ready to go, there are plenty of add-ons that you might want to consider. Heating, lighting and cleaning devices are all commonly purchased in conjunction with a new pool. However, another important piece of equipment you should consider is a pool blanket. Pool blankets are used to reduce heating costs and water evaporation by keeping the heat contained inside the pool. Some people don’t like the thought of a pool blanket, as it may reduce the aesthetic style that the pool brings to their home. However, neglecting to install a pool blanket will actually end up costing you money in the long run by increasing heating costs, water usage and even chemical costs.

I already have pool heating, why get a pool blanket?

Whether you have a heat pump or pool gas heater, no heating system is complete without a pool blanket. Nobody is willing to walk around outside without clothes, so why should your pool be left exposed to the elements? The main reason we wear clothes is to keep us warm and protected from the elements. They insulate us and hold in our body heat.

The same principle applies to your pool. The pool blanket works like a t-shirt or jacket for your pool, keeping it warm and covered. It best operates in conjunction with your pool heater installation. Sydney weather, despite its pleasantness, isn’t Far North Queensland or Darwin. The ambient temperature will typically be lower than the setpoint you choose for your pool heating. 

Because of the tendency of heat to flow out of a warm object and into a cooler object, your pool will constantly shed heat, especially at night. This means your heater will be working harder to maintain its setpoint. Regardless of whether you have a super-efficient pool heat pump or a lightning-fast pool gas heater, all this results in your hard-earned money floating out into the atmosphere. 

Furthermore, throughout the night as the mercury drops it insulates the water, a pool blanket can prevent the substantial heat loss that would otherwise occur if your pool was left exposed. 

Pool Blankets, Not Just Heat Retention

Pool blankets are also an excellent reducer of evaporation. We all know the old bush trick of putting a plastic bag over some leaves then collecting the condensation in the morning. A pool blanket operates similarly. 

A pool can lose around 2mm-7mm of water daily if left unguarded. Over a year, this can add up substantially. You don’t just lose water. This is another way that heat is lost from your pool and is the major cause of heat loss. 

Evaporation also results in the loss of those expensive chemicals and or salts you add to keep your pool clean. This all combines to increase the running costs of your pool even further. 

Loss of water through evaporation is especially relevant in an Australian context where drought is highly prevalent. Fresh water is such a precious commodity and constantly filling up your pool definitely isn’t the best use of it.

Reduced Maintenance

Overlooking the simplest and most fundamental aspect of a pool blanket is easy when all of its amazing features distract you. That is, they’re also pool covers. Being pool covers they are excellent at keeping physical objects out of the pool. Things like; twigs, buds, and leaves and other debris will land on the pool blanket instead of falling in the water. 

To summarise, a pool blanket is a special type of cover that goes over your pool and has two primary functions. Firstly, they aim to act as insulation to reduce the heat loss from your pool. Secondly, they limit evaporation, further retaining heat, water and chemicals that would otherwise be lost. They also have some heating capabilities but are unlikely to be sufficient alone. While not a primary function, they also keep leaf litter out of your water. This reduces the frequency of which you need to clean the pool. 

If you’re looking for a companion piece to your pool blanket, look no further than our range of gas and electric pool heaters. They are sure to keep your Sydney pool heated. Residents of Sydney and Canberra can be confident that when choosing Eclipse Pool Heating. You will receive expert service at a reasonable price. If you want more details about any of our pool heating products or you’re still not convinced that pool blankets are a worthy investment, please contact us on 0481 162 519, we would love to hear from you.  

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