How does a pool heater work?

Understanding Pool Heater Systems – The ONLY Guide You’ll Ever Need!

There are many reasons why one might be considering a pool heater installation in Sydney at this time of year. Perhaps, as the weather has cooled off and the pool water has followed, you’ve decided that the initial decision of “toughing it out” wasn’t so wise. Another reason might be that you’ve been enjoying swimming at a friend’s pool all summer and you’ve finally decided that it might be the time to join them with your own pool. Whatever the reason may be, as a contentious buyer, you probably want to know how these pool heating systems work. 

The obvious answer is that they make the water warmer. They add some heat from an external source and then slowly your pool increases in temperature. However, you were probably able to work that out yourself, and it’s not a very helpful answer regardless. 

There are a few different pool heating options on the market to warm up your pool. Throughout this article, we will discuss the mechanism behind how they work. The focus will be on pool blankets, pool gas heaters, and pool heat pumps for Sydney residents. 

Pool Blankets

Pool Blankets are the simplest form of pool heating, and the mechanism that enables them to work is similarly simple. They work like the blankets we cover ourselves in over winter. That is, they provide a form of insulation to the water so that any latent heat within it is retained for a longer period. Moreover, they can enhance the natural heating effect of the sun. 

A bonus feature is that they massively reduce the water lost through evaporation. This, of course, is a major way that heat is lost, but it also prevents water wastage. They operate as a great accompaniment to the most sophisticated heater apparatus described below.

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps are interesting, they use a similar technology applied to fridges to keep cool, but in reverse. With the use of a fan, they suck air in from around the pump and then transfer the heat trapped within the air to the pool water.

This sounds fairly complicated, but understanding the mechanism is simple. The heat that is moved from the air is initially transferred to a refrigerant which then evaporates into a gas. From here the gas is compressed which drastically increases its temperature. 

The superheated gas then flows through a heat exchanger where the heat transfers into the pool water. The now cooled gas goes through a condenser coil that returns it to a liquid state, and then it is moved back out to the starting position again ready to be reused. The pool water is also pumped back into the pool. 

Eventually, the entire body of water is run through the heat pump.  Accordingly, this raises the temperature of the pool. Heat pumps are also incredibly efficient. Depending on the ambient temperature they can output around 3-7 units of heat for every one unit of electricity they use. 

Heat pumps can work effectively down to around an ambient temperature of 7°C. Therefore, if you live in Sydney, a heat pump will work fine for most of the year. If you think the heat pump is for you, then peruse our range of high-quality heat pumps here. If you want to discuss heat pumps or pool heating in the Sydney or Canberra regions don’t hesitate to call us on 0481 162 519

Pool Gas Heaters

Pool Gas Heaters are the trusty stalwart of pool heating systems. They are also the easiest to understand. They work the same way a gas hot water service does, they burn gas, natural or LPG, to then heat the water of the pool. Imagine boiling a billy over a camp stove and then pouring that water into a bath. A pool gas heater is pretty much the same thing. 

They aren’t as efficient as the heat pumps, operating at just under a 1:1 exchange of heat. Despite this, they are the fastest and have no environmental constraints, as such, if you set it to a temperature, it will stay at that all year long. 

If you would like to know more about pool gas heater installations in the Sydney or Canberra regions, please contact one of our team members. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions. 

Being able to understand how each system works is a great start to your pool heating journey. You are now in a much better position to choose a heating system to best fit your requirements. However, understanding the concept of a pool heating system is different to being able to install or repair them. For any pool heating installation enquiries, please contact a qualified pool heating technician to ensure the longevity of your system.  

If you still have questions about how the different systems work or want some professional advice please talk to one of our friendly staff. At Eclipse Pool Heating, we have many premium quality gas heaters, heat pumps and pool blankets available for your selection. To learn more about our products or for a quote and friendly advice please contact us on 0481 162 519

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