How long do pool heaters last?

A pool heater is a great investment, allowing you to enjoy your pool at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Pool heating in Sydney can even have you swimming in the winter months. If you’re investing a significant amount of money into a quality heater, you’ll want to know how long it’s going to last you. So how long does a pool heater really last? Keep reading below to find out.

The types of pool heaters and their lifespan

When we talk about pool heaters, there are generally three main types. These are gas heaters, heat pumps and solar heaters. The various types of heaters are designed for different situations and applications. They each operate differently which affects their average lifespan. Each type has their benefits and drawbacks, so ensure that you conduct some thorough research. This will help you decide which heater is right for you and your pool.

Gas heaters

Pool gas heaters will typically last for around 5-10 years with no issues. They are generally the most difficult to repair. This means that they can become particularly costly to fix when things go wrong. If you do come across problems or difficulties with your pool gas heater, it is best to contact a licensed professional to come and take a look. It’s important to note that gas heaters are designed for short-term or occasional usage. If the pool gas heater is used too regularly, this can cause problems. Over-use will likely result in a breakdown. If you’re wanting to regularly heat your pool, we would recommend a heat pump instead.

Heat pumps

In the past, the average life expectancy for a pool heat pump was around 15 years. However, as we have seen improvements in technology, many modern heat pumps now have a predicted lifespan of up to 20-25 years. This is due to their effective design in which there are fewer components than a pool gas heater. This means that there is less chance of things breaking. Regular maintenance checks can ensure that your pool heat pump is performing optimally. However, they are not necessarily a requirement to keep it running. Pool heat pumps are built for their reliability. They provide heating to your pool on a regular basis without putting a strain on the machine.

Solar heaters

Solar pool heaters can be expensive to initially install. However, once they’re up and running it can be very inexpensive or even free to heat up your pool. The equipment used for solar pool heating can also be very durable. Some people have reported that it their solar heaters have lasted for up to 20-30 years. They also have very few moving parts and therefore require very little maintenance to keep them running effectively. However due to only receiving energy from the sun, solar heaters are not as effective as pool heat pumps. They take longer to heat up and may only heat the water a couple of degrees. Pool blankets are another method utilised to retain solar heat within the pool. These blankets can last anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on the brand of blanket and how well it’s looked after.

Does my location affect how long my pool heater will last?

The location of your pool could potentially have an effect on the lifespan of your heater. Outdoor pools are exposed to a wide range of weather conditions. They face climate factors such as the humidity, sun, wind, and rain. These can all have an effect on your heater when it’s exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Indoor pools are not exposed to these weather conditions and therefore the heater may last longer. Regular, dramatic changes in conditions can also cause components to break down earlier than expected. If you live somewhere that receives optimal sunlight and is not susceptible to regular thunderstorms, heat waves etc, your heater is in with a better chance. If you were to live somewhere that gets extremely cold during winter, this could have disastrous effects on your heating. Water can freeze in the pipes, causing them to expand and ultimately breaking your heating. Make sure to plan for your heating in accordance with the weather you experience!

How do I know if I need to replace my pool heater?

Pool heaters can last for a great deal of time. It can be hard to tell when your heater has crossed the line and is in need of being replaced. If your heater is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be time to purchase a new heater.

1 – If you inspect your pool heater and discover significant rusting or corrosion to either the metal casing or the components inside your heater, it must be replaced. Failing to replace a rusted heater could potentially cause a fire.

2 – If your heater is beginning to leak liquid, it’s likely that pipes or components inside your heater have become broken. You should purchase a new heater right away.

3 – If you notice that your water is not heating to the temperature that it should, or not heating up at all, it could be time to look at a replacement.

4 – If the heater has been overtaken by animals (mice, birds etc) then it’s time for a new heater. Animals can chew through the wiring and clog up the machines pipes with debris including sticks, rocks, and droppings.

5 – If your pool heater is making a considerable amount of straining noise (Eg clunking, screeching, or buzzing) it may be time to replace it.

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