I live in Canberra, should I purchase a gas heater or a heat pump?

If you live in Canberra, you’d know that whilst we get to enjoy some warm weather over the summer months, it can begin to get pretty cold once winter rolls around. Enjoying the pool over summer is great. However, you want to extend your swimming season so you can enjoy the exercise and the lifestyle all year round. You need a pool heater! The question is however, should you purchase a gas heater or a heat pump for your pool? There are a few key differences between the two, both with their advantages and disadvantages for different types of pool users. Keep reading to discover the difference between pool gas heaters and pool heat pumps in Canberra. We’ll discuss which heater is appropriate for your lifestyle and budget.

Gas heaters

Pool gas heaters are recognised as the cream of the crop when it comes to pool heating solutions. They are without a doubt the fastest and most efficient heaters, warming your pool up to a comfortable temperature in a matter of hours. A 200MJ gas heater in Canberra can have you pool heated by around 12℃ in around 20 hours. A 400MJ heater could provide the same temperature increase in just over 10 hours.

Gas heaters are ideal if you want quick, easy heating for your pool. They are also better suited to those who don’t use their pool regularly, as they require a significant amount of energy in order to heat your pool. Regular use can put a strain on the heater, but can also substantially increase your energy bills. The estimated cost to run a gas heater is around $5 an hour, which can add up pretty quickly if you’re heating your pool on a regular basis. However, if you don’t heat your pool regularly and you’re searching for the most efficient heater, a pool gas heater is a great option. With the colder winter months, it can be a worthwhile investment to purchase a gas heater, especially if you want heating on demand. Pool gas heating is ideal for fast heating on rare occasions such as a pool party, or for smaller pools and spas.


Pool gas heaters generally have a lower price tag and installation cost when compared with heat pumps. This makes gas heaters a more economical upfront purchase. Installation are usually cheap as the heater is simply connected to the existing gas lines. However, with all of the components used in gas heaters, it is common for things to break over time. This can lead to higher maintenance costs, especially with overuse. They also tend to have a shorter lifespan in comparison with heat pumps. They become less efficient over time to the point where it’s cheaper to purchase a new unit rather than continuing to repair it.


  • Fast, rapid pool heating
  • Great for irregular pool use
  • Low price tag and installation costs


  • Energy usage can become expensive
  • Not ideal for regular use
  • Higher maintenance and shorter lifespan

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Heat pumps

A heat pump is a great alternative to a gas heater, providing the same heating but over a longer period of time. Instead of 20 hours for a gas heater, you may need to wait around 40+ hours for the pool to reach the same temperature with a heat pump. It’s very common to see pool heat pumps in Canberra, as they are very capable at heating a pool to a comfortable temperature during the colder months. They are also significantly cheaper to run when compared with a pool gas heater. They run on electricity and work by absorbing and transferring the warmth of the outside air to the pool water.


Heat pumps can be more expensive to install as they are newer and more complex than gas heaters. However, whilst they are expensive to purchase initially, the cost to run a pool heat pump in Canberra is much lower than it is to run a gas heater. They are also generally more reliable and won’t require as much maintenance as a gas heater. This makes their average lifespan longer due to the durability and dependability of their components.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re planning to heat your pool all year round at a consistent temperature then a heat pump is a far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool.


  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable


  • Can take a long time to reach set temperature
  • Expensive to install

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Living in Canberra, you may opt for a gas heater because you want your heating on demand. Or perhaps you might opt for a heat pump because you want to use your pool every other day. Both heating systems are capable of providing a comfortable swimming experience throughout the colder months. Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, and work out which works best for your situation.

If you’d like any advice or recommendations on heating options, don’t hesitate to contact Eclipse Pool Heating. We install gas pool heating and pool heat pumps in Canberra to keep our customers swimming all year round. For any inquiries related to pool heater installations in Canberra, please contact us here or on 0481 162 519. We would love to hear from you.  

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