Do pool heaters use a lot of gas?

Gas pool heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat a pool. With fast heating times and easy installation, gas heaters are extremely popular amongst pool owners. They’re affordable, simple to use and provide almost instantaneous heat. However, some experts also consider a pool gas heater to be less energy efficient than a heat pump. This is due to their design and operation. There are a number of reasons for this, but essentially heat pumps utilise the outside air to warm the pool. Gas heaters on the other hand rely on a natural resource. Despite this, they are used for shorter periods of time as they warm up faster than other heaters. To help settle the debate, we’re going to discuss whether or not pool heaters use a lot of gas. We’ll also discuss how much it might cost you to use a pool gas heater in Sydney. Let’s get into it.

Gas heater use

It’s important to note that pool gas heaters are designed for infrequent use and short periods of time. They are also commonly used in spas or smaller pools. If you’re looking to regularly heat up your pool, or your pool is quite large, our electric pool heating options may be a better option for you. With that being said, if you’re looking to heat your pool quickly and comfortably, gas heating can provide instantaneous heating. Sydney is prone to colder weather during winter, so pool gas heating is a popular choice for those looking to extend their swimming season. Gas pool heaters can maintain any temperature you set it to, regardless of the weather or climate.

How does a gas pool heater work?

Gas pool heaters work by using natural gas or LPG. A pump is used to circulate the water from the pool, and the water taken from the pool passes through a filter and then on towards the heater. The gas is used in the combustion chamber of the heater where it is burned. This generates heat used to warm the water that has passed through. The heated water is then returned to the pool.

AstralPool JX Gas Pool & Spa Heater

So how much gas do pool heaters use?

If you were to actively heat your pool for 7 months each year, the cost of gas heating for an average 32 m² pool in Sydney is likely to cost around $600-$1,200 per annum. This depends on how long you heat it for, what temperature you heat it to etc. This also factors in the use of a pool blanket. Without one, your heating costs will increase dramatically due to evaporation. This is obviously an estimated figure and is all dependant on how you use your heating.

Input and Output

The gas energy consumed by a pool gas heater is measured in Megajoules (MJ), and the energy output from the heater is measured in Kilowatts (kW). Small gas heaters are made in the range of 60 to 100MJ but can be 250 up to 500MJ for the larger heaters. The output ranges from 15 to 110kW. For example, a 200MJ gas heater would heat up your pool twice as fast as a 100MJ gas heater. It would also however use twice as much gas. 

Consider your situation

The amount of gas required and the price of pool gas heating in Sydney is very dependant. It all varies on the size of your pool, the size of your heater and the temperature you’re heating it to. The size of the gas pool heating that you select should be based on your own needs. You can contact our team of pool heating professionals here for advice and support with heater sizes. This could help you to get a better understanding of how much gas you’ll require to heat your pool effectively.

Pool Gas Heaters – Are They Cost Effective?

In conclusion, pool gas heaters tend to be less energy efficient than other alternatives such as heat pumps. They require more energy as the heater works harder to produce heat for your pool more rapidly. However, the amount of gas that they require is very dependent on the way that you intend to use your heater. If you’re only going to use your pool every few months, a gas heater would be a more efficient option. Whilst they may cost slightly more to run, pool gas heaters are extremely effective at heating water quickly and are great if you use your pool infrequently.

Contact the Pool Heating Specialists

If you’re seeking more accurate information regarding pool gas heating costs, or you’re looking to get a gas pool heater installed for your pool, look no further than the experts at Eclipse Pool Heating. We provide gas pool heating in Sydney to keep pool owners swimming comfortably throughout the year. For any inquires related to pool heating in Sydney, please contact us or call us on 0481 162 519. We would love to hear from you.  

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